The problem of blocking the third-party issue is very general, and the users cannot use their devices correctly because of the unnecessary constant advertising. Advertisers are not always trustworthy and the companies can use the cookies to track down the user’s activity.

The users now have the facility to use different services and thousands of websites for free. In this way, the website owner earns a profit, but the issue with advertisements is that they are generally annoying, irritating, and disruptive. If you want to disable the third-party Cookies, then read through the blogs and follow the given instruction.

How to Block Third-Party Cookies

The cause of the vast amount of advertisements when browsing is because of the adware infection. In such a case, the users can scan it with an anti-malware to prevent browsing from the adware infection. Users have to keep in mind that disabling the third party-cookies may start problems like unavailable video, software, or web content.

Google Chrome on Desktop

If you want to disable third-party cookies on Google Chrome, then you can follow the provided steps:

  1. Open Chrome and tap Menu.
  2. Go to More tools and search Clear browsing data.
  3. Select time and Clear data.


  1. Open the menu and then tap Advanced Settings.
  2. Select Content Settings.
  3. Block any third-party cookies after checking the site data.
  4. Click on close settings.
  5. Start the internet browser again.

Google Chrome on Android

  1. Open Chrome and tap Menu.
  2. Choose Settings and find Privacy settings in Advanced options.
  3. Check Do not Track.
  4. Then go to Site settings in Advanced and tap Cookies.
  5. Remove the tick from Allow cookies and start over the web browser again.
  6. Tap on Save to save the changes.

Internet Explorer

In case you intend to disable cookies on Internet Explorer, go through the below-mentioned steps:

  1. launch the Internet Explorer and tap Menu.
  2. Choose Internet options.
  3. Select the Privacy option.
  4. Change the option to medium High to disable third-party cookies.
  5. Click OK to save the changes.
  6. Open the browser again.

Microsoft Edge

In case you need to disable cookies on Microsoft Edge, then you need to follow the offered steps:

  1. Go to Edge and tap the menu.
  2. Click Settings and choose View advanced settings.
  3. Tap on Cookies and click the disable only third-party cookies.
  4. Open Edge again when complete.

Mozilla Firefox

If you wish to disable cookies on Mozilla Firefox, then pursue the given instructions:

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox and tap Menu.
  2. Choose Preferences and then enable Do not track.
  3. Go to Tracking Preferences and choose to Remember History.
  4. Click Use custom settings for history and tap Third-party cookies.
  5. Choose Never, tap OK, and then click Apply to save changes.
  6. Start over the Mozilla Firefox.


  1. Open Menu and choose Content Blocking.
  2. Locate the Privacy and Security section and choose the Custom option.
  3. Click All third-party cookies in Cookies option.

Apple Safari

Follow the provided instructions to disable cookies on Apple Safari:

  1. Go to safari and tap menu and then go to Preferences. You can also tap Command +.
  2. Go to the Privacy option and then find cookies and website data settings.
  3. Select Allow from the current website only option.
  4. Go to the Privacy tab.
  5. Enable Do Not Track feature.
  6. Then open Safari again and save the changes.

Apple Safari on iOS

In case you need to disable cookies on Apple Safari on iOS, then you need to follow the offered steps:

  1. Go to Settings and locate Safari.
  2. Locate Privacy and security options.
  3. Select Allow from the current website only in Block cookies option and then exit.


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